Posted By Admin on 01/30/18

This pic could have been so hot if it wasn’t for Captain Pantyhead trying to snort a rainbow stiletto. I never realised a pic could stir my loins and make me piss myself with laughter all at the same time.

Each onto their own I guess and at least for those less inclined to find the behaviour of the weirdo erotic, I can tell you that the rest of what I’ve seen so far is actually pretty damn sexy.

In case you’re curious, I grabbed a hold of this¬† discount for 75% off. That percentage off on quality porn is nothing to sneeze at and I wasn’t going to allow a 30-day pass at only $7.50 to slip by me so easily.

I’m all set for February now as I’ll get my rocks off to the fantasy of fucking another guy’s wife better than he can.


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